Greens Tapware is pleased to introduce our latest innovation – FloBOOST™ shower mixer technology


FloBoost™ Technology is specifically designed and developed for the varying water pressure conditions in New Zealand.  It has been designed to improve the performance of the water flow to your shower.

Many homes in NZ operate with unequal hot and cold water pressure.  This type of water pressure can give you poor mixed water flow, particularly in the shower.  It is important to choose the right product for your situation – using mixers designed for mains pressure on your unequal pressure system could leave you disappointed with your choice, since they will not perform satisfactorily.

FloBoost™ shower mixers maximise the hot water flow to give the best possible result when mixed.  We have done this through our unique design and the results are comparatively better mixed flow rate for shower mixing and with less sensitivity in the temperature change.

But don’t worry, if you don’t know what pressure you have, FloBoost™ shower mixers will work on equal pressure as well.

FloBOOST™ shower mixers are suitable for All Pressures

Min 10kPa | Unequal

Min 20kPa | Equal

So if you have unequal or low pressure that needs a boost, try one of these FloBOOST shower mixerss  for a world of difference in your daily showering experience.


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