The Perfect Retrofit Slide Shower


If your slide shower needs replacing, it is quite common to find that the fixture holes of the previous ones are not where they need to be for the new one!The holes for fixing can be just a few millimetres out, making the matching impossible. Greens have developed the perfect solution for such situations – the Greens Adjustable Slide Shower. This has a fixed fitting at the bottom, but the top fixing point can be adjusted up and down the full length of the rail to fit any existing holes (up to a maximum of 760mm).

This can also be the same in the case of the shower mixer, the hole may be too big for the faceplate of new ones to cover.   When it comes to replacements, a larger 196mm faceplate  is perfect for the job its name suggests. Most are much smaller than this.   The retrofit option is currently available in Edge and Marketti Blade ranges.