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At Greens, we understand water.


At Greens, we understand water. We understand about water pressure. We understand that water is a scarce resource.  We understand that each market we operate in has specific standards and requirements about the products that deliver water. 

Most of all we understand that in many ways we are all connected by water.

Water Pressure

[geot region=”new-zealand” ]Please check that you are buying the right taps or showers.  Greens have a solution for all water pressure situations.  It pays to check every time so you don’t buy the wrong tapware.Most new homes today are built using mains water pressure for hot and cold water, a large number of existing homes operate with unequal water pressure. However, there are also equal low pressure situations in NZ as well. Identifying what type of water pressure you have in your home is vital when deciding on tapware and showers. It is important to check every time so you don’t end up with the wrong product – using tapware designed for mains pressure on your unequal pressure system will leave you disappointed with your choice, since they will not perform satisfactorily. This is a basic guide only to the 3 most common types of water pressure in NZ. All hot water cylinders should be labelled.

Mains Pressure (High)

Both hot and cold are supplied at high pressure.  Cold water is town supply. Hot water is from a high/mains pressure cylinder or gas infinity.

Unequal Pressure

Cold supply comes directly from town or tank pump (approximately 500kPa).  Hot supply from low pressure hot water cylinder (exhaust vent pipe through roof).

Low Pressure (equal low)

Both hot and cold are from the same water source at low pressure (eg: header tank/gravtiy feed).

NOTE: If you have a hot water cylinder with a metal pipe protruding out the roof, then you have low pressure hot water.

The Easy Test: Turn on the hot to full, turn on the cold to full. Was the cold a lot more than the hot or even?


[geot region=”australia” ]Most new homes today are built using high or mains water pressure systems. Residential water pressure is affected by several influences including the type of hot water system you use, the water supply feeding your home and the height of your residence in a multi-level dwelling. Therefore choosing the right tapware and showers for your home can seem daunting.
Greens make it easy. We have a number of ranges specifically designed to work on low pressure or gravity fed systems using our unique Greens QL Cartridge. And even if you don’t know what water pressure you have, these Greens ranges will work on high pressure systems as well.

Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS)

We take our environmental responsibility seriously. The Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) is designed to provide information through labelling at the point of sale, to consumers buying the products that use water. The purpose of the label is to help consumers choose products that use less water but still provide a satisfactory level of quality and performance. All WELS products must be registered with the Australian regulator, rated and labelled according the requirements of the WELS Standard AS/NZS6400:2005 Water-efficient products-Rating and labelling.  More information can be found on www.waterrating.govt.au.


All relevant Greens product carry the WaterMark™ certification mark. This confirms the product complies with the Plumbing Code of Australia and the relevant Australian Standards, which relate to product quality, including health and safety, and warrant that it is fit for purpose and has been tested independently. The WaterMark™ logo, the relevant product standard and the license number are required to be marked on the product itself.


Water connects us all. 

It informs and inspires us and it energizes our relationship with life.

At Greens we understand this.  We understand that identifying what type of water pressure you have in your home is vital when deciding on tapware and shower products.  No matter where you live, what your lifestyle, or your water pressure, Greens products use technology specifically designed for both form and function to inspire you to create an incredibly functional and desirable space.

Greens – where life meets water